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Vine Connections - importer and distributor of premium Japanese nihonshu in the USA
USA sake importer
with distribution
 in 49 states

Guinomi & Tokkuri

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Sake Festival


Drink from the Wellspring
of Sake Knowledge.
Much of the info presented here was written by our resident sake expert John Gauntner. The Archives Section features over 200 articles by John over the last ten years. Also see John's Sake Educational Products.

Warm Sake
- Cinder-Block Nama
- Rice Woes
- Non-Foaming Yeast
- Second Guessing Rice
- Rice Distribution I
- Rice Distribution II
- Birthplace of Sake
- Junmai Ginjo or Not?

Pub & Restaurant Guide
Click here for reviews of 50+ establishments in Tokyo.

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Photo Montage

Books on Sake by John Gauntner
Click book image to learn more or to purchase from Amazon.

Sake Companion by John Gauntner

Sake Pure and Simple by John Gauntner and Grif Frost

Sake Handbook by John Gauntner


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