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John GauntnerJohn Gauntner is the top English-speaking expert now writing on Japanese sake, and eSake's director of content.

In Dec. 2007, John launched his Sake Educational Products eStore. Buy digital content on all things sake direct from John, the Sake Guy !

Books on Sake by John Gauntner
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Sake Companion

Sake Pure and Simple

Sake Handbook


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Gauntner is a longtime Japan resident and an acknowledged sake expert. He both speaks and reads Japanese. He hails from Ohio, where he received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. Before starting up his sake web site, Sake World, John worked as an engineer, as a writer and translator for corporate and government clients, and as a marketing consultant for a U.S. semiconductor firm with operations in Japan. He covers the world of Japanese sake in a number of forums.

  • Author of The Sake Companion, his newest book. This comprehensive guide to sake includes an A-Z directory of Japanese and American sake with ratings and tasting notes for more than 130 sake varieties. Also included is a directory profiling major Japanese and American breweries, as well as a primer on sake terminology, an explanation of the sake brewing process, and a history of the role of sake in Japanese culture. 
  • Coauthor of Sake: Pure & Simple. Easy to read and thorough in details and useful information, this book walks you through a history of sake and how this tasty drink is made. 
  • Author of The Sake Handbook, one among a handful of English-language books on nihonshu. This book is a must for the sake neophyte, the sake connoisseur, and everyone in between! Great resource when you're at the sake store. 
  • Columnist for The Japan Times, Japan's most widely read English newspaper. Writes a semimonthly column entitled Nihonshu. John is occasionally quoted in other publications as well. 
  • Writes and publishes Sake World Newsletter, a bimonthly newsletter on all-things sake. Click here to get your FREE subscription to the Sake World Newsletter. You just need to send one email to get started.
  • Operates the incredibly useful web site Sake World, home to tons of sake information. 

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