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Tokkuri and Guinomi - Photo courtesy Honoho GeijutsuAll too often in the West, sake is associated with cheap, warm, sticky hangover-causing rotgut. If that was your experience, you have NOT tasted the real thing. Premium sake, unlike the cheap stuff you probably tasted, is similar to wine in its potential for serious gourmet appreciation. Sake brewing techniques have improved drastically since the 1950s, and premium sake is now sipped cooled, not warmed. Sake can still be warmed, often with wonderful results, but only for certain types of sake. In this workshop, we present four basic lessons. 

Sake Workshop - Level One

Sake Workshop - Level Two

The Basics
What's Sake, Buying Tips
 Serving Sake, Storing Sake

Telling Good from Bad
How Much to Pay
 Sake Pricing

Sake Workshop - Level Three

Sake Workshop - Sake History

Developing Your Palate
Judging Various Tastes
 Keeping Notes

Brief History
 of Sake in Japan

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Nihonshu - The Taste of Tradition

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