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Takatenjin - Soul of the Sensei

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Nihonshu - The Taste of Tradition

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Takatenjin, Soul of the Sensei, Junmai Daiginjo



720 ml  

300 ml

By: Doi 


N / A

Soul of the Sensei

Nihonshu-do +5
Alcohol 16.8%
Seimaibuai 50% (50% polished away)
Acidity 1.4
Rice Yamada Nishiki
Yeast Shizuoka
See Parameters for details on above stats


DESCRIPTION: Junmai Daiginjo. Made by Doi Shuzo, Shizuoka Prefecture. Brewed in small batches with Yamada Nishiki rice grown in the brewer's own fields. Soul of the Sensei (sensei means "teacher") is brewed in memory of former master brewer (or "toji") Shokichi Hase. Mr. Hase worked tirelessly at Doi Brewery for over 40 years. He was one of four famous toji known as the "Four Guardians of Heaven" of the prestigious Noto Toji Guild. Doi Brewery continues its former sensei's traditions with this clean, dry, and rich brew is one of Japan's most highly regarded sake. Aromas of clean honeydew rind, grainy rice with a touch of earth. The impact on the palate is soft and rich but not cloying. A gentle sweetness envelops the tongue while the clean, high-strung acidity does the work. It has loads of body but is able to maintain tightness and structure. While spicy honeydew and dry anise dominate up front, the finish is dry with good spicy white pepper and jasmine notes.

Vine Connections - importer and distributor of premium Japanese nihonshu in the USA

 USA sake importer with
 distribution in 49 states,
 Wash. DC & US Virgin Islands

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