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Vine Connections - importer and distributor of premium Japanese nihonshu in the USA
USA Sake Importer.
Distribution 49 States,
Washington D.C. and
the U.S. Virgin Islands

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Vine Connections offers
these sake products in
Canada, through the Liquor
Control Board of Ontario
(LCBO). For info, contact:

Wines & Spirits
Vivian Hatherell
TEL: (416) 483-5430


Premium Sake & Shochu Now in 49 States
Most are available in 720 ml and 300 ml versions
Below Chart Arranged by Suggested Retail Price.
Prices May Vary by Location. Check with Your Local U.S.
for availability and pricing.

Our premium sake products are best enjoyed
cool or chilled. See Serving Tips for details.

NEW 2014
Nine new products set for release in March 2014. Coming Soon !!

Click Bottle Image for Product Details & Flavor Profiles

Tozai Voices in the Mist
Voices in the Mist
Ginjo Nigori
720 ml = $22.00

Tozai Well of Wisdom
Well of Wisdom
720 ml = $22.00

Tentaka Kuni Hawk in the Heavens
Tentaka Kuni
Hawk in the Heavens
720 ml = $30.00

Chiyonosono 8000 Generations Rice Shochu
8000 Generations
Rice Shochu
750 ml = $30

Chiyonosono Black Warrior Barley Shochu
Black Warrior
Barley Shochu
750 ml = $30

Rihaku Dreamy Clouds Nigori
Dreamy Clouds
TB Junmai Nigori
720 ml = $33.00

Ama no To Heaven's Door
Ama no To
Heaven's Door
Tokubetsu Junmai
720 ml = $34.00

Mantensei Star-Filled Sky
Star-Filled Sky
Junmai Ginjo
720 ml = $34.00

Kanbara Bride of the Fox
Bride of the Fox
Junmai Ginjo
720 ml = $35.00

Rihaku Wandering Poet
Wandering Poet
Junmai Ginjo
720 ml = $35.00

Kanbara Wings of Fortune
Wings of Fortune
Junmai Ginjo
720 ml = $38.00

Nanbu Bijin Southern Beauty
Nanbu Bijin
Southern Beauty
Junmai Ginjo
720 ml = $38.00

Fukucho Moon on the Water
Moon on the Water
Junmai Ginjo
720 ml = $40.00

Mukune Shadows of Katano
Shadows of Katano
Junmai Ginjo
720 ml = $40.00

Chiyonosono Sacred Power
Sacred Power
Junmai Ginjo
720 ml = $43.00

Mukune Root of Innocence
Root of Innocence
Junmai Ginjo
720 ml = $43.00

Origin of Purity, Rihaku Omachi Junmai Ginjo
Origin of Purity
Junmai Ginjo
720 ml = $45

Sato no Homare Pride of the Village
Sato no Homare
Pride of the Village
Junmai Ginjo
720 ml = $47.00

Takatenjin, Soul of the Sensei, Junmai Daiginjo
Soul of the Sensei
Junmai Daiginjo
720 ml = $60.00

Takasago Divine Droplets
Divine Droplets
Junmai Daiginjo
720 ml = $69.00

Nanbu Bijin Ancient Pillars
Nanbu Bijin
Ancient Pillars
Junmai Daiginjo
720 ml = $73.00

Chiyonosono Garden of Eternity
Garden of Eternity
Junmai Daiginjo
720 ml = $80.00

Ama no To Time of Reflection
Ama no To
Time of Reflection
Junmai Daiginjo
720 ml = $100.00

Tentaka Silent Stream
Silent Stream
Junmai Daiginjo
720 ml = $120.00




NAMAZAKE. We also export namazake (or nama, for short). Nama is unpasteurized sake which is livelier, fresher, and often more fragrant than pasteurized sake. Most sake is aged 6 to 12 months prior to release, but namazake is freshly pressed and released as soon as the brewing process is complete. Namazake is therefore the freshest sake possible and available only during a small window of time each season. Since namazake is unpasteurized, it must be kept refrigerated at all times and it is best enjoyed in the first few months after release. Each brewing season, our exclusive US importer, Vine Connections, offers a small allocation of namazake from eSake's brewers. Click here to learn more about Vine Connections Namazake offerings.

Vine Connections is a California-based importer of fine sake and wine. It now distributes premium Japanese sake to select restaurants and retailers in 49 states. For product details and taste profiles, just click the English bottles above. Some products are available for online purchase at      

Click Brewer Name to Learn about that Brewer

Map of eSake Brewers Selling Sake in the USARihaku by Rihaku Shuzo in Shimane PrefectureGinga Shizuku by Takasago Shuzo in HokkaidoGinginga by Nanbu Bijin Shuzo in Iwate PrefectureAma no To by Asamai Shuzo in Akita PrefectureMantensei by Suwa Shuzo in Tottori PrefectureTentaka Kuni by Tentaka Shuzo in Tochigi PrefectureFukucho by Imada Shuzo in Hiroshima PrefectureShinriki by Chiyo no sono Shuzo by Kumamoto PrefectureSato no Homare by Sudo Honke Shuzo in Ibaraki PrefectureTakatenjin by Doi Shuzo in Shizuoka PrefectureMukune by Daimon Shuzo in OsakaKanbara Brand Sake by Kaetsu Shuzo of Japan

Premium versus Non-Premium Sake
Only the highest grades of sake are
exported to the USA by eSake brewers.
 What is Premium Sake?

Bottle Chart - Premium vs. Non-Premium SakeWhat is Premium Sake?

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