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Rihaku - Origin of Purity

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Nihonshu - The Taste of Tradition

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Origin of Purity, Rihaku Omachi Junmai Ginjo



720 ml  

300 ml

By: Rihaku



Origin of Purity

Nihonshu-do +3
Alcohol 17.8%
Seimaibuai 55% (45% polished away)
Acidity 1.7
Rice Omachi
Yeast Flower yeast (Hana Kobo)
See Parameters for details on above stats


DESCRIPTION: Junmai Ginjo, Genshu (Undiluted). Made by Rihaku Shuzo, Shimane Prefecture. The nose is expressive with kiwi and lychee aromas and a lingering suggestion of honeydew melon. In the mouth it reminds us of cream soda and black licorice as well as white pear and a bit of a herbaceous quality. Creamy texture with medium body, impeccable balance, and a lengthy finish.

Origin of Purity is a unique addition to our lineup, as it is our only sake made with Omachi rice. Discovered in 1859, Omachi is the only pure rice strain that has been grown consistently in Japan. This is quite an impressive feat as Omachi is one of the tallest sake rices which makes it incredibly difficult to harvest and susceptible to damage by typhoons and strong storms. We're lucky that Rihaku has found one of the best Omachi growers in Japan. This genshu (undiluted sake) is as pure as it gets and is a must for your sake-loving customers!

Vine Connections - importer and distributor of premium Japanese nihonshu in the USA

 USA sake importer with
 distribution in 49 states,
 Wash. DC & US Virgin Islands

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