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Rihaku - Dreamy Clouds Nigori

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Available in both
720ml bottles
or 300ml bottles

Nihonshu - The Taste of Tradition

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Rihaku Dreamy Clouds Nigori Sake, Tokubetsu Junmai, by Rihaku Brewery of Japan



720 ml

300 ml

By: Rihaku



Dreamy Clouds Nigori

Nihonshu-do +3
Alcohol 15.5%
Seimaibuai 59%
Acidity 1.6
Rice Gohyakumangoku
Yeast # 9 
See Parameters to learn about above stats 


DESCRIPTION: Tokubetsu Junmai Nigori. Made by Rihaku Shuzo, Shimane Prefecture. Nigori sake is made so that some of the rice lees remain in the bottle after pressing. Most nigori is sweet and creamy, and thick with the unfermented rice solids. Rihaku Nigori is a bit less chunky, but more fruity and complex than most nigori sake. Slight prune tones, and a slight taste of nuts. 

Vine Connections - importer and distributor of premium Japanese nihonshu in the USA

 USA sake importer with
 distribution in 49 states,
 Wash. DC & US Virgin Islands

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